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I love Becky and her skating. I want to support Becky from Japan by this blog. "Bereswill doubles up on learning"

Becky has published an article on
The article is written about the recent of Becky,interview with her,and how they began pair skating.
From the article,I learned that Trevor and Johnny approached Becky.
We can see from this article, Houston love Becky.
Her home town Houston is a good town.
Read more[Bereswill doubles up on learning]

詳しくはこちら[Bereswill doubles up on learning]

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has published an article about Becky in pair skating.
The title is

"Becky Bereswill set to make pairs debut this summer"

Please read the article.

FIGURE SKATERS ONLINEにベッキーのペアスケーティングに関する記事が掲載されました。
"Becky Bereswill set to make pairs debut this summer"

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Message from Becky

Becky send message to this site for her fans & supporters.
Thank you Becky.
She wrote about her recent and next season.
I wish her success and happiness.

May 8, 2010,
Michigan, Moving, and More
Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great 2010! I cannot believe it is almost Summer! I am so excited for this year and the many new experiences ahead! My biggest news is that I am now training in Canton, Michigan, and will be skating senior pairs with Trevor Young! Trevor is really fun to work with and makes me laugh everyday. He has national and international pairs experience and just last week graduated Summa Cum Laude in Operations and Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan. I will also be attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and majoring in Business. I cannot wait to take a couple classes this summer and be a college freshman.

So far, I am loving every minute of pair skating! Everything is so new, exciting, and thrilling! Trevor and I have been working together since early April and train with Johnny Johns and a group of coaches at Arctic Edge in Canton, Michigan. Skating in Canton is so inspiring and a learning experience I cherish everyday. All of the teams are so hard working, and training alongside the world痴 best ice dance teams has had a huge impact on our skating.

This week, we started our short program with our choreographer, Marina Zoueva, to a beautiful and unique piece of music. We are planning to compete at the Indy Challenge in August but need to pass some pairs tests first. ;)・・We will perform together for the first time at the Detroit Skating Club Ice Show in June and are working on a fun and fast piece.

I will also continue to skate singles and my first competition is Skate Detroit in July.・・Since the 2008 Jr. Grand Prix final, I have had to manage two stress fractures in my lower back and they are finally healed. Earlier in the off-season, I was able to take some time off to heal and I am on a strength and recovery program that helps me manage my back. Also, I am able to run again which I love! I recently ran a ス Marathon and won my age division of the Houston Rodeo Run10K race. Michigan is so beautiful in the Spring (and much cooler than Texas!) which has made going for runs really fun.

Thanks so much for your support. I look forward to including all of you with updates on my skating, and Trevor's and my progress as a pair team!

Thanks for reading! :D
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From <U.S. Figure Skating>

2008 Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final champion Becky Bereswill, who is leaving Houston, Texas, for Canton, Mich., to be trained by Fedor Andreev and Johnny Johns

Good Luck Becky!
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Pictures of 2009 NHK Trophy Part2

I found another pictures from <Here>

Here is site of Ice Dancing, so I've not watched detail of here.
But I found.
God help me.
You can watch many pictures of many events and many news and things of Ice Dancing from here.
Please look at here.




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  2. 2009/2010 Result
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