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I love Becky and her skating. I want to support Becky from Japan by this blog.

2011 U.S. Championships Photos LP


In this time, long program pictures at "Ice Skate Net"
Thank you very much.
You can watch more pictures [Here]
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Detroit Christmas tree lighting

Becky talk about "Detroit Christmas tree lighting" on her Twitter

And I found this movie :D

  1. 2010/11/23(火) 17:34:06|
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Becky Talked about pair skating at icenetwork.

"I've always loved pair skating -- it's one of my favorite sports to watch, and I always wanted to do it, but I had never really had the opportunity," she told us. "At the end of last season I had the opportunity to try out with Trevor. I had been training singles with Marina and Igor, doing choreography, so I was really familiar with the rink and the people there. It was the first time I've ever tried pair skating, and I loved it from the first day."

Bereswill spent a couple of months considering the move, which included picking a college, and moved to the Canton area in April.

[Read More]

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Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday on your 20th birthday.

You step up to 20s from teens.

I think you will be able to have great skating basis on your life experience since now.

I am proud of your fan ,because you always try new challenges like this season.

I wish you have a good skating season and good year in your life.

Have a good life.



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Becky will appear in "GRAMMYS ON ICE" presented by Detroit Skating Club.
She will appear on 10 & 13 June.
Of course I want to go, but I can not go to see.
Soon, I expect to be up photos and video of this show.

Becky seems to look forward to also appear.
From [Becky's Twitter]

[Detoit Skating Club]

Beckyは、Detroit Skating Clubの”GRAMMYS ON ICE"に出演します。
  1. 2010/06/06(日) 20:10:46|
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