Becky Bereswill Fan Site

I love Becky and her skating. I want to support Becky from Japan by this blog.

Skate Detroit 2012 SP

There is a SP movie.
Her skating is beautiful.
And costume is beautiful too.

Please enjoy her skating "Adiós Nonino" .

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Skate Detroit 2012 FS

Wow, new Becky Skating movie.
My friend told me.
I am happy to watch her new skating movie.
She is skating now.
It's great thing.

I want to watch her Sp too.
Do you have her SP movie?

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Happy Birthday

Becky,Happy Birthday.

Becky celebrates her 21st birthday on October 2.
Becky, do you enjoy your birthday?
I also celebrate on your birthday, from Japan.

As a figure skater, 21 years old is the start of best seasons.
I am sure of her wonderful time by her hard training and experience.
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Many pictures

In Japan, hot summer finished and autumn has come.
And in Hokkaido, the first snowfall was also observed at the high mountain in this season .
Winter draws near step by step.
That is, the season of winter sports is also drawing near.

If your favorite skater is Becky Bereswill, you will already know her Facebook.
By publishing many photographs, she has told her recent state here.
These pictures tell us her happy life.
I hope her skate scene will also be published someday.
I wish her good season.

[facebook page]

What is "TriDelt-BIDDAY"?
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Skate Detroit 2011

New season has started.

I got Beckys' score from [here]

Her score is

SP 44.79
FP 75.70
Total 120.49

But I do not know the details.
Configuration, songs, costumes, atmosphere.
If you know, please tell me.

This picture is posted from [here]


Final score 78.85
What happen?
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  2. 2011/2012 Result
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